On February 7th, 2018, I was on vacation (a rare thing), on a Caribbean cruise with my hubby Harold and some friends. Before taking off on that vacation, I did a lot of leg-work to ensure the startup of my new company would keep moving while I was gone. That afternoon, I got news that our company filing was complete, and that ARCHIFOOTPRINT INC. was born.

As a company, today we celebrate a great milestone. We have learned a lot together this year, have gathered a great work team, have kept busy all year and, not less importantly, have beat the first set of odds of business ownership: 20% of new businesses give up or go under before the first year. That means we are part of the 80% brave ones, who keep on going after one year. I know, it does not sound too impressive, but one step at a time will get us there.

acrhifootprint one year anniversary group picture

In the meantime, to Michele Dawson, Barb McGuire and Viki Labrou-Betts, thank you for your trust, hard work, dedication and friendship. You are the ones keeping this machine oiled and efficient while I dance the rain-dance with Yoda to bring the work “home”. Michele, you were the first one to join the team and to start the trend of our “A” team. We spent so many hours creating and sharing ideas about what everything would be like. That is priceless!

To Harold Boog, thank you for your immense patience and support as I took off on this crazy adventure. You are a saint, and have helped me in so many ways, I cannot count them all.

To Ariana Rastelli, thank you for seeing in me a bit of a role model to show you what women can do. You keep me humble and extremely proud at the same time.

To our clients and friends, who have supported our startup in so many ways, thank you! Your trust and willingness to give us a chance has made all the difference in the world.

To all of you, let me be honest: not a day goes by without my realization that the greatness of this adventure, and the success we see each day lies completely on all of you, one little piece and one day at a time. And for that, you have my complete gratitude. Each.And.Every.Day.


And so be it!!


Ari Rodriguez Boog, AIA / archifootprint
Registered Architect, CEO

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