Architects have been taught to idolize the big architect personalities: Leonardo, Frank Lloyd, Mies Van Der Rohe; Le Corbusier and others.

While it is true that those were great geniuses, it is also true that they do not represent the average architect. Architects, in average, are focused on solving problems for their clients. Architects have a great sense of community, yet the public image and stereotypes assigned by society do not match who we really are.

Archifootprint intends to target and challenge that image by providing our clients with a clear path to problem solving and creativity without the fluff. Yes, we can do beautiful, and we choose to do so while remaining practical and approachable, creating living buildings for living users.

Archifootprint provides a light at the end of the design despair tunnel, identifying real-life design and code compliance challenges.

Real-life, in-the-trenches architecture by architects who listen, comply with rules and regulations, use regional, practical materials and deliver livable, operable and trustworthy solutions to every day users. We deliver our business in the form of buildings, including industrial plants and operations, and other facilities which are process-centered and have unique space and code requirements.

Archifootprint focuses on the mark that is left behind by all business and human activities, expressed in our buildings.

Archifootprint promotes awareness of that impact translated into the quality of our lives, our finances, our planet, our future and ourselves. We love power plants and power delivery structures often taken for granted. We see power facilities as the heart of our modern life conveniences and quality of life. We focus on making those plants safe, livable and efficient from the architectural point of view. We provide power facilities with a new fuel: architecture.