Pre-Design and Support Services

– Understanding local regulations.
– Life Safety and Building Code compliance assessments.
– Building Programming Services.

“We chose Archifootprint over other companies for our substation project for a variety of reasons: the main reason being the depth of knowledge of the professionals at Archifootprint, on the type of project at hand.”

Design Services:

– Assessment of Project Delivery Methods.
– Building Design.
– Assessment and Recommendation of suitable construction materials.
– Technical Specifications
– Architectural Details
– Inter-discipline coordination and support,
– including coordination with structural, HVAC, electrical and mechanical engineering disciplines.
– Construction administration support,
– including bidding and negotiation, shop drawings review and addressing contractors’ questions.
– Sustainable design, including LEED certification activities for building projects.
– Miscellaneous architectural services as requested

Needs and Options Review™

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We only work with clients who are prepared to complete this step properly with us.

We will not rush this step.

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The Needs and Options Review™ is the most important step because it lays the foundation for a successful project.

Not doing a thorough Needs and Options Review™
could be the most expensive
decision you ever make!

Complete your project on time and on budget by completing the
Needs and Options Review™ with archifootprint, inc.

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