Architect, Studio Lead

Viki Labrou-Betts bio page

Viki Labrou-Betts

I am a registered architect in the State of Michigan, as well as Greece. I attended the University of Michigan, where I obtained a Master of Architecture degree with emphasis in community design. I have worked in the field of architecture for over 25 years, for offices in the United States and abroad, and have always expressed great passion for environmentally sustainable design practices.

I have been Project Architect on a variety of projects ranging from industrial and transportation (subway train structures) to commercial and institutional projects, including office-tenant improvements, college buildings, hospitals, hotel and conference centers, churches and housing. When working on a major Greek Cultural Center, I had the privilege of collaborating with international teams between Europe and the United States. I am currently the Architecture Studio Lead at Archifootprint, and I am responsible for leading and reviewing the technical content of architectural design and construction documents for all our projects.