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Michele Dawson Design Manager

Michele Dawson

I am an experienced Design Manager; I have worked in the industrial side of the architecture and engineering industry for over 12 years. I spent 8 of those years designing nuclear power plants; I was a Designer Team Leader on nuclear projects, coordinating design drawings and project documentation, which included model and drawing creation, “piloting” modeling standards in new software, writing guides to help other designers and addressing design coordination matters with other design disciplines.

I worked for a large engineering company as the Lead Architectural Technician, responsible for modeling and processes for design deliverables. I set the architectural modeling and drawing standards and conducted timely training for architectural designers in house and across the world, including India, Thailand and China. My typical work load has included the coordination of architectural modeling and drawing deliverables for 12 to 22 projects simultaneously. I worked on projects for a variety of engineering and architectural teams; such work included all aspects of projects, from conceptual design to ready-for-construction documentation, as well as record drawings.

I joined Archifootprint in April 2018, and today I am responsible for the supervision, mentoring and training other architectural designers in my firm. I assist in hiring other professionals and work on establishing building layouts, elevations, building penetrations, roof drainage and any other components of the building design, and help prepare building details and renderings of industrial and commercial buildings, under the supervision of a registered architect.